Key Benefits of LTSP

An LTSP thin client environment brings many benefits to an organization. Here are five reasons why you should choose LTSP:

1. Reduced Costs

In an LTSP thin client environment, all software for workstations originates on the LTSP server. Whether you are repurposing old desktop PCs or deploying new thin client devices, LTSP can be a key component in reducing the costs related to your computing environment.

2. No Licensing Fees

LTSP is open source software, released under the GPLv2 License. There is no cost to download and use LTSP. Benefitting from LTSP? Consider contributing to the project.

3. Less Maintenance Required

LTSP allows you to maintain your entire computer network from a single point of control; from the operating system image on the thin clients through user authentication and file storage. By reducing your software footprint with LTSP, maintenance and support obligations are reduced when compared to traditional desktop PC computing solutions.

4. Secure

Security has become a key challenge for administrators. LTSP thin client connections can be secured via SSH and are restricted to a LAN, ensuring that you are operating a manageable and safe computing environment. The LTSP model also makes it increasingly challenging for your systems to be a victim of viruses and spyware.

5. Community

The LTSP community has been active since 1999. Fueled by participation and experimentation, LTSP users have deployed LTSP in every imaginable scenario possible; from running an irrigation system to offering their company a thin client computing solution to replace desktop PCs. However you choose to LTSP, contributing back to the community is sure to improve your experience.